More Myths — Back pain

June 22, 2017 l by Sohmar

Here are 5 common beliefs  ( Myths) that have been challenged: 1. Bending is dangerous 2. Discs slip 3. Nerves are trapped 4. Pain comes from facet joints, discs etc 5. Low back pain is in isolation to everything else in your life. Comments below:- ———————————- 1. Bending is normal. Sure it can hurt when the back is being protected, and when ...Read More

Silly Stuff Massage therapist say from Myths and still say

June 9, 2017 l by Sohmar

Yes I have been down this road before and yes I have said/taught some of these things however as science and evidence starts to dispel these I now teach differently  as all Massage teachers and Schools should. Sadly they will not and sadly they are still being taught and must stop both from Authors of Text books to Teachers who still believe these myths . Below are a list of some of the ...Read More

A Real Pain in the Butt and who to see about it …..

June 7, 2017 l by Sohmar

Lets talk about Sciatica a real pain in the behind , it is  defined as a severe pain in a leg along the course of the sciatic nerve. The pain is felt in the back of the leg running from the butt ( hip complex ) down the back of the Hamstring into the calf and foot. The pain may begin abruptly or gradually, and is characterized by a sharp, shooting, or electric shock-like qual ...Read More

What does it take to Keep a White Dog so clean

June 2, 2017 l by Sohmar

What does it  take to keep such a beautiful white dog so clean. Well it takes either a lot of grooming which My wonderful wife Star does with our Dog Koda, or you can keep the dog in a bubble for safe keeping or away from anything that can get her dirty...  (which recently I did..I let her play in some water and she did get muddy but it was all about Koda having fun she was happy) . Th ...Read More

Frederic Luskin 9 steps to Forgiveness

May 19, 2017 l by Sohmar

Pain is all about protection and often ‘just in case’. When we have an injury, pain is a vital survival mechanism that motivates action to promote healing. However, pain is poorly related to the amount of tissue damage, instead representing a body or whole person state of protection. It changes the way we think, feel and act.  In many people, despite the healing, the protective sta ...Read More


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