Nothing new under the sun… all it is is re wrapped and sold in a different language


In todays world someone some where is trying to sell a “New Technique/ Modality ” some thing they just discovered. How Cool would that be if it was true. I have been a Massage/Reflexologist therapist for over 23 years now and I have seen a lot of this. What looks cool and the newest therapy is just a old Therapy that was  put on  the back burner because its”coolness” ran it course. About 10 years ago An Alumni took a ” Deep Tissue” Ce class that was advertise as the ” newest therapy” for Massage therapist, what they told me after they spent the $$$$$ on it and took  the class was it was just as I taught them nothing new it was repackaged and sold as “new”.

There are a lot of Movement/Massage Gurus out there that are doing the same thing Re- Packaging what is already Known.  Shame on them for luring Young/Old Therapist into thinking they are Learning a New Found Modality.  I had one so called Ce provider ask me if they can come and “teach their newly discovered techinque” , of course I said No nicely after hearing their description of it. Not a thing new about it….

Like in anything everything stems from something else.  Of course it might be new to a new  therapist  granted however it should never be sold as a”new found modality” or a ” The Missing link” .

I was first taught Muscle testing 25 years ago and there are many different thoughts about it and taught by many they are all good . It is just the selling presentations that get me upset.  I was taught Kineso taping as well many years ago as well again  different ways of teaching and  philosophies like in most cases.  They are all the same it is just sales presentations and how they are wrapped  up.

What we teach here at School of Holistic Massage and Reflexology is nothing new it is Massage and Reflexology Our Philosophies are a little different  then others but when it comes down  to it We teach Massage We Teach Reflexology  We Teach Movement … Nothing is new under the sun,



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